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2 definitions by Christopher Helgaiden

Similar to the slang Wonk which in its use, in this specific case, would be similar to saying something isnt right.

"The wood was warped and wonky"
"The deal seemed kinda wonky"

Now take that an evolve it even more to be an even stranger word and you get Qwonk. Its meaning is the same yet this version will not be confused with the various other definitions of wonk.
"The wood had holes and was very warped and qwonky"

"Wow that was weird"
"yeah, it was quite qwonky"

or simply just itself...
*random instant message to someone*
by Christopher Helgaiden February 02, 2008
A term used to denote how funny something might be (like rofl or lol) but extended to make itself funny as well. The reference to cakes just makes it that much better, because everyone loves cake.
"Hey, something funny just happened"
"was it rooflecakes funny?"

"...so i said: thats not my third leg!"
by Christopher Helgaiden May 31, 2006