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1. the ventilating fan in the restroom that you turn on while you poop.
"make sure to turn on the fart fan when you're in there!"
by Christopher Garza February 04, 2005
1. one who does computer aided drafting with terrific fury.

2. a cryptic term used by senior architects/engineers for slave labor.
"Dude, I'm one hot cader...you don't even know!"

"yeah, if we could just get some cheap cader's on this project that would be great"
by Christopher Garza February 03, 2005
1. In general, a very hot Asian girl. The modifyer uber is a clutch German word for superb.
"wow, is she domokun?"
"naw man, she's an uber domokun"
by Christopher Garza February 04, 2005

1. Rooted in ESPN's "X-Games" concept for extreme sports, it is now an invaluable adjective that describes things that are inherently much better.


1. Extreme is also used as a noun for routine exercise.
"Excuse me, I found regular yogart in the dairy section, but I was wondering if you had any extreme yogart?"

"Are we going to do extreme today?"
is better way of saying
"Are we going to the gym today?"
by Christopher Garza February 03, 2005
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