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3 definitions by Christophe H Graham

To be guilty of something, but not responsible for it. An excellent example is what happened to our illustrious president William Jefferson Clinton. He was guilty of receiving oral from a woman not his wife, but was not responsible because (1) Monica did it to him, and (2) any REAL MAN I know would not turn down a blowski. How could he resist? Very much like leaving a thousand dollars on a desk, then leaving the room. If that thousand is gone when you return, whoever took it is guilty, but not responsible.
Thomas: "How about that BJ president Clinton got from

Michael "Please...Clinton was clearly unresponsi-guilty on
that one, bro.."
by Christophe H Graham September 10, 2007
30 0
masturbating at a high rate of speed
Annie: "What are you doing?"
Steve: Saying "hi" to my monster. Jerking off, if you
will, since you won't help me
on that subject.
by Christophe H Graham September 11, 2007
33 6
A cleaner, safer, substitute for another "f" word that would not draw the ire of those who may hear it.
Sandra: (placing down the victorious card in poker) I win
Erica : OH...FICUS!
by Christophe H Graham September 05, 2007
41 29