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a person that is addicted to buying the newest technical devices like mobile phones, dvd-players or plasma-screens. These things are not bought because they are really needed, but instead because of their design and the fact that they are state-of-the-art. If the person doesn't manage to find himself something new for a longer period of time, he/she has to suffer from withdrawal.
Man, my dad is a real technoholic. Yesterday he bought himself a new mobile although he already got 5.
by Christoph Behrens December 15, 2006
Girls getting very aggressive, combined with a samurai/kung-fu fighting style and intentions to hurt or kill somebody.
(from the motion picture "Kill Bill" with Uma Thurman as "the Bride")
If you don't stop staring at me, i'll go Uma!
by Christoph Behrens June 03, 2005

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