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You are being a chiggum when you get to talking really fast about something because you are so excited about it. This is especially true when you boast about your own accomplishments or your children. Usually it is about something that others....well, they just don't care about!
"I am having such a great week! I power-walked the enter mall yesterday, four miles! I was unstoppable! Oh, and on Thursday my son aced the spelling bee! He's almost 14 now, and his hard work has really paid off! We'reGoingToKansasCityfortheNationals! AreYouListening?!"

"Yes, chiggum, I'm listening..."
by Christine Rivers November 26, 2007
“Bathroom wrinkles”. The wrinkles your pants get from laying around your ankles while on the toilet for extended period of time.
Charlene and Tina are on break at work, grabbing a cup of coffee in the common area.

“Hey Charlene, how’s it going?”

“Great, Tina! You ready to WOW them with your presentation? Oh, wait – did you forget to iron your pants?”

“Huh? Oh, geez. No, they WERE nice and ironed. But I did just come out of the bathroom…hmmmm”

“Ok, ok, say no more. When you’re in the bathroom, you gotta do your business and go – otherwise this is what you get – BRINKLES. And your pants have a bad case of brinkles for sure! If I was you, I’d go to that conference room early and grab a seat - and stay there. Do your presentation sitting down. That way, no one will even notice those brinkles!”
by Christine Rivers January 25, 2009
Someone who has very little expectations for himself. No drive or ambition.
"You going out tonight, Susie?"

"Yeah, I got a date with Johnny!"

"Johnny? Geez, does he even have a job? I'm surprised you can pry him off of the couch! He’s 26 years old and still living with mommy. Last I heard he didn’t think there was any reason to even try to get out on his own or nuthin’. He’s got about as much ambition as my pet Goldfish”

"I know...he really IS a Low Knocker, isn't he? What was I thinking?!"

"I can't answer that, but call that Low Knocker back and break it off. You can do better, Susie. Much better!"
by Christine Rivers January 25, 2009

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