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Someone who has a compulsive need to control all aspects of his or her own life, such that he or she often views others (particularly those closest) as attempting to control or impose upon his or her life. A control freak ends up trying to control not only his or her own life, but also that of others. Controlling his or her own life is the primary goal, while attempting to control other's lives is simply a protective measure and by-product; Often participated by being single and living alone for a long period of time in an urban environment.
He was such a control freak in the kitchen, taking over every single aspect of the meal preparation and scolding me when I attempted to do something without permission. He obviously has been eating alone for too long.
by Christine Pepe May 11, 2005
A state where your mind simply blanks and does not work.
Looking at the copier, I suffered from acute brain freeze, as I could not differentiate between stack, group, etc., eventhough I had copied things numerous times.
by Christine Pepe May 11, 2005

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