67 definitions by Christine

to party w/ ur home girls then go hump dead lamas
if ur bored go hooching
by christine May 08, 2003
the coolest nickname known to man. totally made up.
'ohh my god, when i have kids..im gonna name one of them cree, b/c i heard this freshman has that name and i think its so cool.'
by christine September 25, 2003
A cross between slut and cunt
Brent says that Christine is a scunt.
by Christine November 18, 2003
The hair on an elephant's ass.

Defined by keenan and christine
Zack is a dude.
by christine April 06, 2004
WhOsPiLtMYBEER29: omhg
both at fault: omg what
WhOsPiLtMYBEER29: not omg.. omhg
both at fault: omhg what!?!
WhOsPiLtMYBEER29: OMHG its my new slang like jodd
both at fault: oo i seeee
both at fault: and what does this one mean
WhOsPiLtMYBEER29: find out from ur resource
both at fault: lol fine
WhOsPiLtMYBEER29: www.urbandictionary.com
both at fault: ya i know my source stupid
WhOsPiLtMYBEER29: lol
both at fault: did yo make it it
both at fault: up
both at fault: becaue its not there
WhOsPiLtMYBEER29: yea i just typed omg wrong
both at fault: lol
both at fault: im going to post a definition for it
WhOsPiLtMYBEER29: own my huge gat
both at fault: gat?
WhOsPiLtMYBEER29: slang for gun
both at fault: okay... lol
both at fault: i need an example
both at fault: of omhg used in a sentence
WhOsPiLtMYBEER29: that bitch was trippin till she saw my ak then she was like omhg
by christine February 15, 2005
Someone who does what you tell them to; someone who gives an obvious answer; a sarcastic name for someone who is "brilliant"
A: Man, was that a rough exam!
B: You can say that again!
A: Man, was that a rough exam!
B: Thanks Sparky!
by Christine March 25, 2004
A nipple that someone pinches during a play fight - the nipple equivalent of tickling.
"Quick, get his zipple!"
by Christine July 06, 2003

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