67 definitions by Christine

2 crazy chicks... who are a little over 5 feet tall also funny, outgoing, and just a little nuts, also cute, adorable and loveable!
Stefani and Christine are Cockerbunnys!
by Christine March 16, 2004
the definition of a sexual position, which involves a most of the time leather whip, that is hit across his/hers partners behind
that girl give me some great whiplass lastnight....
by Christine March 16, 2004
Slang for gadunkadunk as defined by Eric from Shelton, CT.
Look at that girls badoopadoop
by Christine October 26, 2004
cool, funky, hip and happenin, sweet.

can also be used as saying 'good' eg. thats zang, man.
That is totally zang.
by christine July 27, 2004
ghetto fabolous whose name people love to say
by christine February 26, 2004
people whos hair is really ghetto, and baby oil vasiline greasy.
Oh god will those stuptid grease heads just leave me be!
by Christine November 08, 2003
a cross between a glomp and a huggle
*smuffs* ^^
by Christine September 20, 2003
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