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Another way of saying "Holy Shit!", without the profanity. Try it sometime when you're in church.LOL
Holy Shatner! The priest just had a heart attack!
by Christine January 14, 2005
A book by Douglas Adams. Main characters inclued Ford Prefect, Authur Dent, Marvin the depressed robot, Trillian McMillan, and Zaphod Beeblebrox. Soon to be a movie. The answer to Life the Universr and everything was found to be 42 by Deep Thought. The question is thought to be "What is 6X7?", but unfortunately the computer designed to formulate the question was destroyed by Vogons for an interstellar highway. Also a FAQ game that is supposed to be stupid beyond belief.
From the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy that has 6 books.
by Christine February 17, 2005
A term used to identify blood shot eyes one gets usually gets when smoking marijuana.
"Are you sure you haven't been smoking pot? Because you sure got some bastard balls."
by Christine December 08, 2004
Also known as Digital sex. like oral sex it is not done by mouth, but digital sex is done by using your hands or fingers either to finger of give a hand job to her/him.
i had great digital sex last night with my boyfriend. it was awesome. I came three times....
by Christine March 28, 2004
Male genitalia that devours vagina.
He used his pussy eater all night long.
by Christine February 13, 2004
Any worn out used up urban upscale party girl under 30 who is about as plastic as tupperware, has day glo orange skin from self tanner abuse,over processed hair and more money than active braincells. Always looks like she just got laid or is high as a kite.
" Betty may be wearing a Gucci sheath but she still looks like a burned out crackwhore. What a Hilton Sister!"
by Christine November 12, 2003
The conjoining of bitch and biotch.
I can't believe you stole my parking spot, Bitoch!
by Christine October 01, 2003

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