67 definitions by Christine

1. The guitarist of AFI.
2. One of the best guitar player ever.
Jade Puget is cool to the max
by Christine March 15, 2003
somebody who is both incredibly stupid and extremely unlikeable. A total joke.
What kind of clownfucker borrows your credit card and uses it to rent a hotel to bang your wife in?
by Christine June 25, 2004
the female version of the word dude
Hey dudine, thats an awesome dress, want to go surf?
by Christine September 11, 2004
a GREAT band. there music is fuckin awesome and everyone should check them out.
Hey Mark lets go see the Juliana Theory tonight in concert

Hell yeah! Ill be there
by Christine October 02, 2003
to cancel plans, leve out
She bagged out on me on the last minute and left me stranded
by Christine February 26, 2005
the cross between penis and vagina
a person who has half of a penis and half of a vagina combined
by christine February 12, 2005
we are preppy. we are rich. we look really good in our little skirts and in your boyfriends arms. don't mess with us, we come in packs (especially to the bathroom). burberry, louis vitton, coach, you name it we have it. jeep and volkswagon are the most popular cars in our lot. we live for dress down days and pj pants. and we are never in uniform. starbucks is where we hang out and westchester is where we live. we party all the time and document the whole event on film. by cell or aim we are reached, but dont bother if your not in our league.
not quite holy and just past children, we are holy child; a place where wisdom (not the kind in books), confidence (to ask that hottie out), and friendships (the ones that last forever) are found <3
by Christine April 04, 2005
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