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A 1960's term used among hippies meaning to assemble together to drop acid at a party.
Brian:"Hey man, you going to the freak out?"
Keith:"Yeah man! Count me in, brother!"
by Christine July 14, 2005
used to recommend the said action to someone else who is clueless as to what a third party is talking about. It is usually insulting to the first party.
Person 1: Oh man, the Teletubbies concert was rockin' last night!

Person 2: (silence, confusion)

Person 3: (to person 2) "Dude, just smile and nod."

Person 2: (Does so accordingly)
by Christine October 16, 2003
A chocolatey cartoon you must stay up all night to watch. Has a transexual grandmother.
"whats up with you little bill"
by Christine June 14, 2004
A Monkees song. Micky Dolenz wrote it based on his experience in England. Mentions his then soon to be wife Samantha, the Beatles, etc. Randy Scouse Git translates into "Horny Liverpuedlian Jerk", so Micky chose to call it "Alternative Title" just for its release in England.
She's a wonderful lady and she's mine, all mine. And there doesn't seem a way that she won't come and lose my mind. It's too easy humming songs to a girl in a yellow dress. It's been a long time since the party and the room is in a mess.
by Christine August 22, 2004
shortened version of the name Christine.
Writing on a calendar when you know you don't have enough space to write "Christine". Hence, one would write "Xtine"
by Christine March 14, 2004
The desire to marry a man or woman who is older than your grandparents.
Billy: "Dude, I just hooked up with some sweet ass, man."
Joe: "Ah yes, Grandma Knockers, eh? You really have a serious case of Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome, dude."
by Christine July 19, 2005
A clothing store for both male and female teens. Hollister has the same style clothing as A&F, a tad cheaper. Still somewhat expensive. Most clothing made from Hollister Co. either the words Hollister, Hollister Co., HCO, or 22 on it.

Hollister clothing is spreading fast in popularity.
"Did you get that shirt at Hollister?"

"Hollister is having a sale on their skirts this Saturday."

"Hollister is my favorite store."
by Christine March 09, 2005

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