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First Relationship Syndrome, also known as FRS, is the condition of being chronically attracted to the first person you enter a relationship with. Being inflicted with said syndrome makes the process of getting over this person when you break up all the more difficult. Common symptoms include constant distraction, sadness, and in more extreme cases, stalking.
Eddie can't get over Holly, so he's resorted to picking out of her garbage can. That pussy, it MUST be First Relationship Syndrome.
by Christina Monterrosa April 02, 2007
A drop spot is a kind of alternative mailbox. It’s a hiding place in a public space, where people can leave things for exchange. Anything. It’s a weird and wonderful way to add personal character to the streets that we live in.

Sally left an old CD in a drop spot near the mall.
by Christina Monterrosa May 11, 2007
When someone rolls up to a random couple on the sidewalk while blasting hardXcore music, and asks if they know where the nearest record store is. As soon as they ask, a huge group of people jump out from behind the car and start hardXcore dancing.
After the ska show last night, our posse decided to hit the mall and perform a hardXcore drive-by on an unsuspecting couple. It was epic.
by Christina Monterrosa September 22, 2007
Sounds cooler than a "shitload". First coined by Daniel M. Vaccerelli, Lord of teh Intrahnetz.
You may want to look up "skeet" before using skeetload.
by Christina Monterrosa February 18, 2008
Celebrated six days before Valentine's Day, February 8th, to ensure maximum ill will. It is a day to release contempt in SPITE of the Hallmark Holiday. DYI hate cards and hard-as-rocks pastries are given to couples, while delicious SPITE treats are spread to the joyous single masses... or to whomever you want, really. If you do not like a certain person, then SPITE them.

Go forth, and be repugnant!
Baking spite brownies, muffins, or cakes for Spite Day is highly encouraged.
by Christina Monterrosa February 07, 2008

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