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Is anyone who sleeps around with no rhyme or reason and usually they loose put slooze with loose or lose and by golly george u got it.
My neighbor is such a slooze she had several guys over in one night for sex and had the nerve to ask me for my soap chips to clean herself up with.

My brother is such a slooze he tries to get me to hook him up with all of my friends. "I mean all"
by Christina Campbell November 27, 2007
Is a woman who is very permiscuious in her nature and knows it and wants to change.
I used to be a slut but now I am a slutbucket.

After being a slutbucket I gave my life to christ because next it was either God or Girls.
by Christina Campbell November 27, 2007
When a person is so triphlin that it becomes homicidal.
I have relatives who house is so nasty that it is deadly.
My family ethics are triphahomicidal.
by Christina Campbell November 25, 2007

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