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A very hairy nipple that has a cheesy cream forming around it.
That chick drank New Jersey water, and now has a sheiber
by Christina March 24, 2005
Wayne created this word on Jan. 14, 2005 while at work in eugene ore. It means the mest of the awesome kind.
In Idaho the restaraunt, Rax, had the awesomeist chocolate chip milk shakes ever!
by CHRISTINA January 14, 2005
my one and only ting ting :] she`s loveable and funnieeee :] she makes me smilee when i`m sad and i love her with all my heart =
Foo foo <3`s ting ting.
by christina January 06, 2005
to suck, or to choke
Gopie like fuh gyaf lolo
by christina November 22, 2003
a form of exclamation
"your underwear is showing!" "ack!"
by christina November 11, 2003
LeXx. The incredibly annoying moderator robot on Sean Biggerstaff Chat
LeXx is so marfing stupid! She kicked me out for pressing a stupid 0.
by Christina September 26, 2003
ay kid you aitn took a shower in 3 days...damn u grimey
by christina September 07, 2003

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