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how you feel after listening to ben kweller. that's just how it should be. sha sha. sha doo. in short its fun to say and repeat.
don't bother me when i'm watching planet of the apes on tv. sha sha. sha doo.
by christina February 07, 2004
A synonym for wasted or trashed.
I got totally narsted at the party.
by Christina February 16, 2005
Something that is cool and super at the same time.
Dude that is totally uber or Dude this place is like uber creepy.
by Christina April 26, 2005
my sexy darling that i love :] she`s pretty, hot, all mine, back off guys ;DD
FoO fOo x33 janiceee
by christina January 06, 2005
brittany, katie and christina's gang that has alot of people in it that dont take shit from no one and arent scared to blast at hos for talkin shit, straight out of woodlawn area and knuckin heads off cuz we the baddess of em' all, dont fuck wit us
street mobs the judge jury and the law
by christina March 26, 2005
another word for calling someone an asshole or a dick
why the hell did u jus fuck my tree u bitchfuck!!
by christina April 19, 2004
something that is very funny
hehe, funnyness!!!!!!!!!!!
by Christina February 26, 2003

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