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a fake... phoney wannabe gangsta that dotn got tha ryde dont got tha girls dont got tha ice and dont live in tha real hood ...they think they know street but they dont
B-rad from malibus most wnated is a striaght up wanksta ! and wigger!
by christina September 11, 2003
The manner in which crack addicts prance excitedly back to their respective locations from their dealers automobiles.
The crack monster, formally known as Christina, had one hell of a crack jog back to her apartment after taking a much anticipated trip around the block in Jamal's 76' Deville.
by Christina June 17, 2006
my sexy dear sinie :] she`s the bestest homegurl you could have =) she`s got ur back no matter what .. i love her =P
foo foo x33 sinieeeeee with all her heart
by christina January 06, 2005
Stupid idiot girls in Florida who bother the crap out of everybody.
by Christina December 10, 2004
wiggly booty ; white booty; weird body
That hippy is a dubbayubee
by Christina April 26, 2004
A show on MTV where a group of people drive around in a winnebago and do stupid shit for money.
He man, that crazy bitch on road rules just ate a cockroach!
by christina July 14, 2003
A pejorative term typically used by a non Latino boyfriend when his Latina lover complains that he is not communicative. May be converted into a postive term by a very smart boyfriend.
negative- You are lucky if I call you once a day you Chit Chatting Latina.

positive - What do you mean no more blow jobs, my sexy, lovely, Chit Chatting Latina!
by Christina March 14, 2005

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