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To liberally Inhale the contents of someones asshole.
Hey you! where you going? Come back suck my asshole! It's Clean... I promise!!!
by Christina October 16, 2003
Whether or not a food item can in fact be cooked in the oven.

Just like the term "microwavable," except oven-style.
"Hey Uncle Al...is that TV Dinner ovenable?"
by Christina November 08, 2004
A court that you go to if you are a child are under the age of 18 years old .
Sue bet this bitch up so since she is 14 she has to go to juvenile court.
by christina October 07, 2004
A pejorative term typically uttered by a non Latino boyfriend when his Latina lover complains that he is not communicative. May be converted into a positive term (only by a very smart boyfriend).
Negative - You are lucky if I call you once a day you Chit Chatting Latina.

Positive - What do you mean no more blow jobs my lovely, sexy, Chit Chatting Latina?
by Christina March 14, 2005
Japanese word for big.
ookii ringo.
(big apple)
by Christina January 16, 2003
ridiculously awesome
That move was so yunckes, I wonder how she did that.
by Christina June 19, 2006
as boring as sitting on the toilet with nothing to read.
me: "did you go to the golf tournament today?"
you: "yes,omigosh,it was so BANAL"
by christina November 28, 2004
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