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89 definitions by Christina

a car with one headlight
your left padidal is out
by christina March 13, 2005
26 9
To want to fuck your girl/guy or to want to be fucked. Can be used instead of "I want you to fuck me."
I just want to get inside you. OR I want you inside me.
by Christina February 20, 2005
38 23
Used in the place of "coincidence".
The people who use this word are asswipes. If you hear anyone say it, get rid of them in any way possible, preferrably one that involves intense pain.
girl: "Oh my god! We're both wearing the same jacket! What a koink-dink!"
awesome person: "Asswipe." (they then proceed to strangle her with her own jacket.)
by Christina July 18, 2004
19 5
Within the Hill School memorial chapel lies magnificent stained glass windows…countless oak pews where so many men and women have sat and contemplated the teachings of their gods and professors, along with the schools motto, “whatsoever things are true”, carved in stone high above the steel piping of the organ and lancet windows. So many hours have been spent inside this glorious building, listening to speeches by jocks, overachievers, underachievers, village idiots, and stoners making feeble attempts to piece together their pathetic lives by trying to make some sort of profound sense out of it all. I’m so sorry but talks about Martha Stewart, storytelling, and other people’s insecurities just don’t spark my fancy.
"Whos the chapel speaker today?"
"psh, some faggot who knows a girl, whos knows a guy, whos cousin committed suicide. And how the suicide truly effected their outlook on life and being an adolescent."
by christina March 22, 2005
32 19
The Metrosexuals are taking over!
by Christina August 13, 2004
20 9
Female Pimp
Don't hate on me cause i'm a fuckin' pimptress...
by christina October 02, 2002
27 16
When a man and woman are having sex doggy style and the man pulls out before ejacualtion and spits on the woman's back so that she thinks he came on her back, while he jacks off in his hand. When the woman turns around, he throws the cum in his hand on her face and says "BAM."
"I pulled an Emeril on this bitch and her eyes burned like hell for a week."
by Christina March 10, 2005
12 3