89 definitions by Christina

One of the BEST song writters ever....
Kill hannah rox my sox off!
by Christina November 28, 2003
Any car whose torque specs are less than my lug nuts require.
Any thing that has a fart can which produces such a abnoxious noise it is almost louder than the headers on my 5.7liter honda eater.
by Christina August 15, 2003
a mother who beats their child for no reason.
mommie dearset hit her daughter with a pot when she didn't say thank you.
by christina October 08, 2004
where everything you have ever heard about catholic school girls come true...

the best all girls catholic school ever
the hottest prep girls
by christina May 06, 2005
It's kinda like being racist, exept... you know... accentist.
I hate Boston accents. I'm so accentist.
by Christina May 11, 2004
intransitive verb from bamp - smelly, minging, dirty faced, torn clothing. basically a minger.

Often used to describe a Devon-based person who is extremely fond of sheep.
Danny is a Bamping
He's often seen a tramping
His mother doesnae ken his fither
And she certainly widnae want tae
by Christina February 17, 2004
a person who is half black and half mexican
Lauren is a blackican.
by Christina August 26, 2003

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