89 definitions by Christina

slang term ...fa(fo) real(shizzle) my(muh) nigga(nizzle)..
snoop is off da hook..fa shizzle muh nizzle
by christina November 11, 2003
southern hick
That girl is such a hoosier
by Christina August 10, 2003
Hickville wheres theres nothing to do and the schools up here suck and all you see is stupid ass animals and farms and theres no life i hate it up here
north carroll high school sucks
by christina March 20, 2005
Sexyist nascar racer alive.
Jeff Gordon is the sexyist man alive.
by Christina April 26, 2005
Food stamps...many hookers have sex to get them... hence the name tramp stamps. Coupons/money provided by the goverment for the poor people to buy food.
These damn tramp stamps don't buy diapers.
by Christina September 07, 2004

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