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A slut like whore with a million or more sex partners.
After having sex with Alfred, Molly became a hobag.
by Christina April 27, 2003
a clothing company founded by Daymond Jones. acronym stands for For Us By Us
damn that nigga over there lookin' good w/ his FUBU on
by Christina February 25, 2005
Looks like Oprah with his hair straight.
Lenny Kravitz is the american woman.
by Christina August 30, 2004
a dear ladiee daht i love :] she`s mineeee babyy back off beeyotches ;DD foo foo x33`s yoo dear with everythin` i gott byeee
foo foo x33 winkyy a hella lot =].
by christina January 06, 2005
1.the best METAL band in the world.......
MUDVAYNE rules and chad gray is sooo god damn hot!!
by christina March 09, 2004
1. One who overly-uses the Time Stop spell, usually angering others.

2. Those who are fond of kitty-girls.
1. Dammit Kirrund! Stop that! I can't move!

2. No, Kirrund, I will not put on that outfit!
by Christina July 25, 2003
1.A person who feels anger and/or jealousy for someone
A person who speaks badly,and/or takes negative actions in attempt to create problems for a person.
2.jealous of how one looks
a group of girls were mean mugging in the club.
by Christina January 04, 2004

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