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13 definitions by Christin

Can be used to replace the word 'whatever'
Girl: Gosh, you're so gay.
Boy: W
by Christin February 26, 2005
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my roommate...mary
Salvi For Life
by christin March 08, 2004
34 76
money. mostly reffering ta' dollas brotha.
let me borrow 20 bucks, fool. my cash money supply is gizzone.
by christin August 02, 2003
4 47
a big huddled group of idiots who dance homoerotically and think they are scene, indie, or hardcore.
you: "i'm gonna go in the mosh pit!"
me: "right after i shoot you!"
by Christin January 25, 2004
23 74
Portrays Christine Daae in the 2004 movie adaptation "The Phantom of the Opera." Looks more like the monkey than the diva.
What a miscast! Emmy Rossum should have been cast as the monkey in The Phantom of the Opera, not Christine!
by Christin April 17, 2005
102 209
1. Christin and Erica
2. Best Friends Forever
Christin: You so get me
Erica: BFF!!
Christin: 4 Life!
by Christin March 11, 2005
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