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A guy who usually looks nerdy, but sometimes looks cute if you catch him at the right angle and the right time.
"I'm gonna have to see him in person. Judging from his pictures, he looks like a Gersh!"

"Eww, that guy was a total Gersh!"
by Christin October 08, 2006
Anyone that acts stupid...in a good, fun way. Opposite of a (gay bandit).
My friends, Mark and Joe, sledded down a hill on greased pizza pans. Then, I called them wangs.
by Christin January 30, 2004
my roommate...mary
Salvi For Life
by christin March 08, 2004
money. mostly reffering ta' dollas brotha.
let me borrow 20 bucks, fool. my cash money supply is gizzone.
by christin August 02, 2003
a big huddled group of idiots who dance homoerotically and think they are scene, indie, or hardcore.
you: "i'm gonna go in the mosh pit!"
me: "right after i shoot you!"
by Christin January 25, 2004
1. Christin and Erica
2. Best Friends Forever
Christin: You so get me
Erica: BFF!!
Christin: 4 Life!
by Christin March 11, 2005

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