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2 definitions by Christiiiine

An insult used for a huge bowl of fruit punch wearing crazy tights when he comes crashing through the wall in your living room.
"You stupid idiot, yeah comin' through the wall is real fuckin' cool. USING THE FRONT DOOR IS COOL! Don't touch me, you drink. Do not touch me you giant beverage. You are sweating, or condensating. I will kick you in the tights, and you will go down. You're very top heavy. You glass bitch... You glass bastard. "Oh yeah!" OH NO. Naughty, naughty kool-aid."
by Christiiiine January 24, 2007
42 24
A one- or two-wheeled vehicle with handles at the rear, used to convey small loads. Otherwise known as a wheelbarrow.
Go get the polish pickup to carry the vegetables to the house.
by Christiiiine January 24, 2007
7 13