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4 definitions by Christian McNamara

To make a right turn
"Hey how do i get to the nearest beer store?"
"Go up a half mile, and hang an Alabama Left. You can't miss it."
by Christian McNamara March 11, 2008
17 7
To send a text message a series of people who, unbeknownst to you, are all together at that time. This is problematic when you are trashing each of the people, or asking two friends on a date. Originating from a man named Blake
"Hey did you score a date with either of those girls from Friday night?"
"No, I made the Blake Mistake. Now neither one will talk to me."
by Christian McNamara March 06, 2008
9 7
To make plans with someone, then that same person cancels. Made famous by a person named Blake.
"Hey didn't you have plans with Jeff tonight?"
"Yah, but he made Blake plans, he's just going to stay home now."
by Christian McNamara March 17, 2008
2 4
To not have have sex with someone but to have claimed that you have.
"Hey how did that night with Jenna go?"
"It was ok. We came back to my place, watched a movie and I Blake fucked her."
"Oh, bummer."
by Christian McNamara March 17, 2008
6 22