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When a guy is getting deepthroated by Phil Barrata and you can see a bump in his neck because the penis is so far down the esophogus.
Phil B. said he had a bad case of neck dick after taking that guy home from the bar.
by Christian October 12, 2004
stragne fart, with a sound of monstrous proportions, to a regular fart. Usually a powerfull fart, exhaled slowly, sounds like a speedboat engine.
"omg u smell that shit?"
"yeah, was a right blunker that wannit"
by Christian October 01, 2003
anyone alienated from society for being an individual,i.e., derrogatory term used to describe someone or anyone who uses the term " i.e, "
I am a dork, i.e., not afraid to be myself no matter what anyone thinks. Plus I'm 6'2" 225 and can kick your ass!
by Christian June 25, 2003
To flaunt ones self nakedness around your house while your parents are away, while dancing and thinking to your friends on msn "he doesnt even know im naked."
Giggling your genitals in front of your animals.
"i need to feel superior to someting"

Brady:Hey my parents arent home
Christian:your swagging arent you
by christian April 26, 2004
Best to describe anyone named Phillip.
Phillip is such as milky licker.
by Christian March 14, 2005
A high school located in Martinez, california. Heavily divided in half by Cliques. Upper commons- Jocks, Preps, Ghetto people(i.e. Ghetto Filipinos. Lower Campus- Emos, Goths, Stoners, Drama-geeks, Band Geeks, Anime-freaks.
"'hosnap, you go to Alhambra High?"
by Christian March 19, 2005
Comes in lots of flavors, and some dude like, screwed it in the movie. I hate pie. Plus, pie sucks and only (insert racial slur)eat them. Bush sucks too.
Outstandingly clear, isn't it?
by Christian April 14, 2005

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