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The neck pain, soreness, aching ribs, sunburn, blisters, hearing loss, moshing/crowd surfing injuries, heat related illness' that are experienced the day after spending a few hours/the day at Warp-Tour or tours like it.
Warp-Tour Hangover:

"Dude, Christina got elbowed in the face while crowd surfing and lost her voice screaming for Blood on the Dance Floor, Victoria got such a bad tank top tan that it hurts to lay down, Eduardo swears his ribs are bruised from that pit while We Came as Romans were playing, Ty was right in front of the stage for The Devil Wears Prada and still can't hear out of his right ear, Alyssa can't walk and couldn't buy food because she spent all her money on Black Veil Brides stuff, and Shelby spent all her time between shows bent over a trash can. Damn, I love Warp Tour.
by ChrissyMarieCocaine August 03, 2011

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