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When you are so livid and fuming, and you are just about to lose your shit all over the floor...and just before you flip your lid, the word merge in the ultimate expression of anger.....
"you're trousers fell off...i am totally FUVID with you"
by Chrissylyn June 16, 2013
A huge, gigantic, manly, query female with a peni (which is shared with the husband), who resembles the incredible hulk....and is the biggest bullshitter of all time.
Shut it gigantor - you use the male lavs, to check out all the other peni's, and have cock envy.
by chrissylyn December 03, 2013
1. Refers to a young girl that doesn't know how to pass through toll booths, usually pulling too far away or going right through.
"Dude, you just passed that guy trying to wave you down."
"What a Sammi!"
by ChrissyLyn March 10, 2009

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