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a band from goshen,ny that is awesome. it consists of chris,billy,eric,and chris
jamiez: hey dude are you going to the shockers concert.
joe-nathan: wats the shockers?
jamiez:only the best band on f-ing planet
by chrissy January 05, 2005
town of the hippy, near the greatest town of all time SILVER SPRING, MD
i got lost going to chipotle and ended up in tkpk at the co-op
by chrissy December 06, 2004
it's french for "dick"
(use french accent when saying) nice god
by chrissy May 13, 2003
you talk a lot of shizer
by chrissy March 20, 2003
one that looks as cute as a chipmunk.
Hi Chippy, I miss you.
by chrissy July 01, 2004
An adorable actor. He's gonna be a big star one day if u guys like it or not. I Love Shia LaBeouf.
:::::Thank God for Beef:::::
by Chrissy January 01, 2004
this word means GAY! that's it!
That dude's fanny pack is homoeroic.
by Chrissy April 14, 2005

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