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A slang term for the genitalia of males and some females.

"It's not a rocketship it's a cock!a shlong! wonder weasel!"
-Robin Williams in Death to Smoochie.
by Chrissie April 28, 2003
A stupid term used to describe people either sarcastically or seriously. Mostly heard in Wisconsin. Namely Kewaskum.
"He's the hero." "You're the hero man!" *Usually because he is doing something that the other person deems "cool"
by Chrissie November 16, 2004
KEWL. The quel way of spelling kewl (aka cool)
OMG Kirstie, you are so quel.
by chrissie March 26, 2004
A flag that is said to be worn so much in the south, but having lived in Texas and now in Wisconsin, it's more displayed in the North. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen anybody waving/wearing the rebel flag in Texas. Just in Wisconsin.
Southern Pride in the North!
by Chrissie November 16, 2004
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