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somebody who hates something everyone else likes, just because they think it makes them different or non-conformist. often emo or punk kids think they are non-conformist because they dress different than everyone else, but when in reality they are just conforming to their perception of non-conformity. real conformists do not care whether something is popular or not, they just wear it because they like it.
"Wannabe non-conformist- I went into Hot Topic today and saw this prep walk in wearing a pink polo shirt. What a conformist!

Me- No dipshit, they came in because they like the store. They are true non-conformists."

"Wannabe non-conformist- I am so pissed! I found Less Than Jake years ago and they're getting famous so now I can't listen to them, or else I'm just another damn conformist.

Non-conformist- I found them years ago too, but I'm still going to listen to them because I like their music."
by Chrissa K July 24, 2008

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