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when someone is in the act of taking a Polish Popsicle and proceeds to do a headstand or handstand or just turning upside down and taking one resulting in the Polish Popsicle Stand.
That girl was so drunk last night I made her agree to do a Polish Popsicle Stand so I made her do a headstand while she did the Polish Popsicle, that shit was the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life!!!
by Chrismoose Nault May 28, 2010
when a really awesome or dumb girl tells you to cum inside of her with a condom on, who proceeds to take the condom off and slurps all of the jizzum out, or onto into herself, whether its her mouth, face, esophagus and/or stomach.
Hey guys, last night this dumb ass bitch wanted to take a Polish Popsicle, so I came into my condom and dripped that shit all down her face and mouth!!!!
by Chrismoose Nault May 28, 2010
a drink that involves copious amounts of vodka, rum and any energy drink.
holy shit, Erin threw up all over himself and Colleen while sleeping the other night, after getting bombed on Polish Trashcans all night. She was pissed and she made him clean up the bed once he woke up ten hours later.
by Chrismoose Nault May 28, 2010
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