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1 definition by Chrisguy_33

Reject of the Goth subgroup, although you won't be able to get a Goth to admit that these idiots were once Goth. Tend to have ridiculous hair-do's consisting of a random color mixed with black hair dye, tend to grow their hair over their eyes, usually wear extremely tight pants that if a non-emo wore would destroy a non-emo's genitalia, and Emo's tend to wear a shitload of make-up, completing the image of an Emo.

Often times the Emo will adopt the "woe is me" attitude, complaining that their life sucks and that they cannot get a girlfriend/boyfriend, which is funny because if you go to Youtube and look up Emo videos, you'll likely find said whiny bitch making out with five of their same sex friends. As well, they tend to exhibit a ton of butthurt over being ostracized for being Emo, not understanding that looking like a fag or a dyke is asking to be made fun of or beaten up. They also tend to run their mouth to other cultural subgroups in a vain attempt to look cool or tough, which instead leads to said Emo either running home, crying and writing bad poetry because their "victim" hurt their feelings, or leads to the Emo's hospitalization at the hands of the non-emo.

Emo's tend to write very bad poetry and waste the internet's bandwidth complaining about all their insignificant problems. Should conflict with the other subgroups arise, emo's will tend to gather in groups and attempt to intimidate the person(s) they started shit with. Seeing as Emo's are as intimidating as a care bear on morphine, this act is utterly futile. In the rare event that the Emo actually has non-Emo friends, this form of intimidation may have some effect on the person(s) in question. However, this is just goes to show that Emo's are too cowardly to fight their own battles. If one actually does have the courage to fight their own battle, they tend to lose very badly and in an embarrassing fashion, especially if fighting a Mexican.

Guys should be wary however, that due to the collective attitudes that all Emo's exhibit and the biological uncertainty of an Emo, that beating the shit out of one could land you in jail,due to the fact that you wailed on a woman who you thought was a dude.
I hate Emo's. I had no problems with them until high school when one tried to intimidate my friend who cried out "emo" when he walked by. she's rather odd and is lacking in height. I tried to explain that she's odd and that i told her not to start anything when he came back, but said Emo started to talk shit to me. I calmly pointed out that his sister's pants were tight enough to cause a rash or jock itch, causing the emo faggot to wander off, ironically calling me a fag.

Two days later, said Emo came back with ten of his friends (who were non-emo, oddly enough) and tried to start a fight with me. Rather than backing down, i did what any one should do: call the fucker out on his wish to kick my ass. This went on for 20 minutes until a teacher broke up the altercation. Said Emo did not fight me, and mouthed off all the way to the office. Seriously, fucking Emo's piss me off.
by Chrisguy_33 March 31, 2008