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1.A person whose main dietary substance comes from the consumption of the female sexual organ (i.e. thevagina).

2. A person who eats a lot of pussy.
Chuck ate 13 servings of juicy pussy yesterday. Chuck is a total cuntivore.
by Chris_despises_Taylor July 22, 2007
A person who has a lot of cock in them all the time. Like a cash register has money, a Cockregister has cock, or penis, dick, one eyed yogurt slinger, wang, tube steak, or a big fat tan juicy happy.
Taylor: "...You're a dick weed motherfucker, you fagget, Jesus!"
Chris: "Fuck you, you... COCKREGISTER!!!"
Taylor: "What the fuck does that mean?"
by Chris_despises_Taylor July 19, 2007

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