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Where the top third of an arse is visible and the lower two thirds are hidden underneath the clothes.
woman: does my bum look big in this?

dude: put it this way - there's enough arseberg to sink the titanic.
#assberg #arse #ass #arsecrack #crack #thong
by ChrisUK August 21, 2008
The term used to refer to erectile problems during anal sex. Primarily, although not exclusively, used to describe a gay man where impotency has struck during intercourse.
Anthony: I'm not feeling anything anymore?
Sebastian: I'm so sorry, I've gone limp.
Anthony: A semi-colon does nothing for me, Sebastian.
#anal sex #gay #impotent #impotency #punctuation #semicolon #limp
by ChrisUK June 22, 2009
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