11 definitions by ChrisO'Neat

A person who adds hell of a lot of badass urban words!
ZOMG PWNAGE!! You defined OMGWTFBBQ, teach me plix!
WTF, lmao n!!00b i just got h4x0rz skillzz at being urban-wise!!
by ChrisO'Neat May 11, 2010
A fart created by a democrat.
Holy Sheet! John McCain and Sarah Phailin has to live with the smell of demofarts for a damn long period now!

Yeh, they got PWNed!
by ChrisO'Neat April 28, 2010
The feathers in the neck of a dominating cock or a so called rooster.
Woah that rooster must have fucking large and long hackles in its neck:O
by ChrisO'Neat May 12, 2010
The verb cock slap (pronounced: kOk slæp), means to slap something with your cock (penis), etc. the head of a person!
Victim: Hey dude could you cock slap the caps lock for me? All my fingers are busy with typing in my hax0rz secrets!

Observer (The Slapper): *Tries to slap his cock into the caps lock and the sound 'slap' appears as if it has hit skin instead of a key on the keyboard*

Victim: Damn dude! Not my head! The caps lock! Even the same letters appear in the word man.. CAPS LOCK - COCK SLAP! How tough can it be?!

Observer (The Slapper): Sorry man, it's tough to aim for such a tiny target!
by ChrisO'Neat August 15, 2010
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