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The only thing that keeps you healthy and sane.
Lets get fit with Wii!

FFS, humping and pumping are way better!
by ChrisO'Neat April 29, 2010
A badass mofu governator, who has insane biceps, cool accent, inhaled and exhaled everything and who is probably the only actor that can be so shit at acting, that it actually turns out to be awesome!
Crazy lady: Nothing hurts you..
Awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger: Only pain!
by ChrisO'Neat April 29, 2010
Asshole. The three words got its origin from Italy and means directly translated, hole of ass.
Are you showing me your poop launcher?

Non capisco. (I don't understand)

Buco del culo?

Si! (yes)
by ChrisO'Neat April 28, 2010
Nose tunnels are also called nostrils.

Short info about nose tunnels:
Nose tunnels or nostrils are effective for digging gold or blood diamonds, swimming through seaweed with your finger and breathing.

Damage in your nose tunnels:
In severe cases of damage in your nose tunnels, a runny nose can appear, which might lead to a so called; blocked nose tunnel.

You might also find a leak in one of the vessels in your nose, this is caused by too much digging and will lead to an increase in your blood diamond findings.

How to fix the damage:
Inject fluid from a nasal spray, and feel the fresh traffic of air running through your nose once again.
To prevent the blood diamond vessel leak, mend it with paper and take a temporary break with the digging.
Observer: Woah, buddy, your nose tunnels are completely blocked!

Victim: Yeah i was digging too hard yesterday and now it keeps running out with blood diamonds

Observer: On urbandictionary they got a guide about, how to fix and repair nose tunnels!
by ChrisO'Neat May 15, 2010
A mix of Palin and fail
Woah, that girl lacks brainpower!..

Yeah it's the kind of mental state you can call a typical Phailin
by ChrisO'Neat April 28, 2010
Stai manzo is an expression that has its origins from Italy. Stai manzo is being directly translated as: Stay beef.. But the actual expression is being defined as: calm down.
Victim: I broke my hands and my ass is itching like the devils horns were stuck in it!!
Observer: Stai manzo, nothing wrong with my hands, I can release you from the itchy ass tensions of yours..
Victim: Please do!
by ChrisO'Neat August 16, 2010
Mental state describes your current stage of your mentality. There exist 10 mental states:

STATE 1: The happy, vivacious and sensitive state: here you smile to the world and jump around, until you see.. the bird shit covering your car or windows.
STATE 2: The unsatisfied, cynical and hysterical state: here you think the human nature is a disgrace and you prefer to whine, so you hand over the shit to your neighbours and start a conflict!
STATE 3: The ambivalent and insecure state: you feel life got some up and downs, you can't really decide what you want or what you need.
STATE 4: The disturbed state: the state where you begin to burn off dolls hair as a girl or paint your room with Disney cartoons when you are a boy.
STATE 5: The lackadaisical state: you lack of spirit and rather want to sit on the couch eating crisps watching top 100 celebrities, you can't even bother to masturbate.
STATE 6: The soothed sleepy relaxed state: usually appears after a joint or two or when you watch cricket and petanque.
STATE 7: The jovial state: you're feeling jovial and you begin to spam smileys everywhere.
STATE 8: The mental masturbation state, too many thoughts, WHAT TO DO?! You mental masturbate!
STATE 9: The furious bored and annoyed state: a state that appears when you watch Tour De France.
STATE 10: The dumb state: you are reading all those ten states or you are actually the one writing them.
Question: What's 2 + 2?

Person 1: It's 5 I can prove it!

Person 2: NO damn it! It's 4, your mental state is on a DUMB level! You see, ll + ll = llll?!
by ChrisO'Neat August 16, 2010

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