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A video created by a marketing agency or company that attempts to be a viral video but is really nothing more than a commercial. A vaccine video often represents an attempt by an old school company to "connect" to a "younger audience" through this wacky online video phenomenon.
In the run up to Christmas 2006, Sony decided it would try to create a "viral video" that would promote the PSP - it was basically a dorky guy in a Santa hat making a pitiful attempt to rap about how he wants his parents to buy him a PSP. A fantastic example of a vaccine video at its best...

by ChrisKnight February 09, 2008
When you don't wipe your ass well enough and it gets crusty, itchy, and all together uncomfortable.
Ah man, I shit and then had to run out real fast, now i have a really severe anus pankle
by ChrisKnight February 10, 2007
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