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3 definitions by ChrisCoolKatt

A "fag" that has gone beyond the state of being a fag. This is a super fag which annoys people, acts in a homosexual way, or is so full of himself that he morphs into something beyond a fag. The amount of sh*t and self confidence a person must possess to achieve this state is astronomical, but usually happens to high school jocks or celebrites. Examples....Kanye West, George Clooney, Lebron James, Chad Ocho Cinco.
Dude that stripper does not think you're hot. You're such a faq!
by ChrisCoolKatt May 12, 2010
Little weak defenseless land sandwhiched between superpowers Germany and Russia. The Germans and the Soviets fought for control of this land during WWI, and the Polish acted as a high school girl who would go home with the jock who won the fight. They have been punked by Germany and Russia throughout their existence. They once tried to rebel against the Soviet Union but were bitch slapped before they even had a chance to speak and forced to get on their knees, beg for forgiveness, kiss the Soviets feet and swear their loyalty to the Warsaw Pact. They can also be compared to the weak little nerd in high school that gets bullied by the cool kids.
Your brother took your car and your girl? Man are you from Poland or something?
by Chriscoolkatt May 14, 2010
The Canada of Europe.
Guy : Why was my vacation to Italy cancelled?

Ticket Agent : Im sorry sir, but our airlines are not affiliated with Italy anymore.
Guy : Now what?
Ticket Agent: How about an all expenses paid round trip vacation for two to Denmark?............Just kidding!!!
Guy: You had me there for a sec.... I almost threw up!!!
by Chriscoolkatt May 14, 2010