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the dried remains of a previous nights anal passion on the body. I.E. dried faeces, blood and other bodily remains.
'I woke up to find a grimsby salad in my calvins'
by Chris-Piano December 22, 2004
To snort a substance, usually cocaine from around the anus.
'Im gurna reemcayke you reeeel goood beeetch'
by Chris-Piano December 22, 2004
as well as a rejection, simply an occurence that is unpredicted or unpleasant. Can be elaborated into any form of animal protein based produce.
'you just hit on that hairy girl, how'd it go' 'i took complete meats' or
'meats i just missed the goal from 2ft away'
'or im feeling meaty'
'have a beefy drink'
by Chris-Piano December 22, 2004
The hamper whither the jellyfinger did rest.
'david jellyfingered my butthamper twice. I loved it'
by Chris-Piano May 15, 2006
To wobble one's finger savagely in close proximity to another's 'butthamper'
'I jellyfingered your butthamper'
'...no you didn't'
by Chris-Piano May 15, 2006
obscure or insignificant.
'do you know jimmy fro the HR dept?' 'nope hes totally rel.'
by chris-piano December 24, 2004
a strong negative response.
'you've oot got a penis'
by Chris-Piano December 21, 2004
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