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The street name of the most prolific police officer ever to work the drug infested Hough neighborhood in Cleveland, OH. It has been said that just the sight of his police cruiser, 513 and, later 313 and 3B23, would strike fear into the hearts of drug dealers. Often described as fair but heavy handed in the face of disrespect or resistance of arrest. This name was bestowed upon this officer by local street level drug dealers.
"Aww shit! we better get outta here..its Clown Face!"
by Chris the Fist June 10, 2009
A slang term used by big city police describing a beating a resisting suspect receives. Usually a beating made up mostly of kicks to the body of a suspect who is down on the ground. Often given out after a car chase or foot pursuit as a punishment for putting innocent lives in danger or just running from the police.
After the police caught the suspect he resisted arrest, at which point, they put the boots to him.
by Chris the Fist June 10, 2009
An old school slang term used by big city police describing the beating a suspect takes when resisting arrest.
The cops caught the suspect after a foot pursuit, at which point, he was given the good news.
by Chris the Fist June 10, 2009
The drug infested Amesbury apartment complex located at East 93rd Street and Hough Ave in Cleveland Ohio. "Water" or "Wet" is the street name for the illegal street drug PCP. This apartment complex is known as the epicenter of PCP drug sales in Cleveland
To get the best 'wet' we need to go to Water World.
by Chris the Fist June 10, 2009

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