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A collection of pointless and stupid but funny stuff. Like a video collection of random stupidity.
Your home video is a bunch of argle boogle.
by Chris S December 11, 2003
A vulgar word describing a man who continually performs oral sex on a female causing bacteria build up on teeth and gums.
Bryan was accused of being a dipper after he smiled and was offered a mint.
by Chris S April 29, 2004
A club that has something to do with debating boring topics... very few people are in this club for many resions - 1. its not cool at all no matter how hard you try to make it sound cool, 2. its boring as hell, 3. its not a real sport 4. people who are in it need help.
guy: that girl hillary is in speech and debate...
girl: what kind of club is that? sounds pretty boring to me!
guy: yeah i know!
by Chris S April 23, 2005

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