2 definitions by Chris Riggs

An excellent CD by the 80's punk rock band, The Butthole Surfers. Featuring tracks such as "Jingle Of A Dog's Collar" and "The Lord Is a Monkey".
Electriclarryland is a good cd.
by Chris Riggs May 08, 2005
A movie starring Michael Pitt, Brad Pitt's younger sibling. The movie is coming out mid-2005. The story tells the tale of Blake, a troubled rockstar, and it counts down to his last day on Earth, when he commits suicide.
The movie is heavily influenced on Kurt Cobain, from the music, to Michael Pitt's looks. But some things have been changed. The movie looks awesome and I can't wait to see it, holy shit.
The movie explains Blake's last days on earth.
by Chris Riggs June 06, 2005

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