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10 definitions by Chris Pye

As in Deja-vu, you get memories from a certain turd.
I'm sure I've done this before.
by Chris Pye March 08, 2005
A boulder that is in such a precarious spot it must be pushed down a hill.
I'm just off to trundle a henry!

Wow! Look at it roll!

Did you check to see if anyone was its way?

by Chris Pye March 04, 2005
Combination of the words, "Hobbit", "Hobnob", "Bint" "Ho", "Knob" and "Willy"
Used normally for graffiti. No real examples.
by Chris Pye March 03, 2005
The art of daubing a swastika on something or someone.
I swastikated the desk
by Chris Pye February 18, 2005
Australian for Bullfrog
I'd 've called it a chizzwozza
by Chris Pye March 03, 2005
Polish for, "Gimmee a cigarette or i'll smash you over the head with this vodka bottle, concealed in my jacket"

Fuck you man!
by Chris Pye March 04, 2005
Sometimes someone pisses you off so much, that you pass the point of caring, and just laugh.
You piss me off so much its funny.

Kendal is pissinglyoffinglyfunny

Nicola is pissinglyoffinglyfunny
by Chris Pye March 03, 2005