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Mornography abrv. Morno or Morn. Muscle Porn. A magazine or publication featuring body-builders which is admired by other body-builders for sexual gratification.
John Ward had just popped to the shops to purchase this month's edition of Flex Magazine to add to his wankbank of mornography and was hurrying home for a nice long slow wank.
by Chris Nissen March 14, 2008
Verb. Past Tense: Octagoned
The act of putting down toilet paper on the seat before taking a poo as the straight lines of toilet paper form the shape of an octagon. This is mostly done in public toilets or toilets alien to the user.
Angus: I just fired off a missile
Pablo: Dude that's gross, those toilets are jank
Angus: Its cool, I octagoned the seat
Pablo: Even still, for me its my own throne or nothing

The art of octagoning is to tesselate the paper so as to block out all of the seat.
by Chris Nissen April 24, 2008
noun. The name given to one who is a facebook addict.
"Oi, stop networking on facebook you gay facebookface."
by chris nissen October 19, 2008
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