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a 40oz bottle of malt liquor in black slang
hey nigga, lets go gank(see gank) some fotays
by Chris Murphy September 04, 2003
1) (adj) - Egregiously Henious and offensive to the utmost extreme; so bad you just have to make up a word to describe it
That band was so dismaltagious that a crazed fan castrated the lead singer with a rusty spork
by Chris Murphy May 03, 2003
to poke vigorusly with a home/prison made knife
This fool didnt give me his corn bread so i shanked that nigga on the yard.
by Chris Murphy September 04, 2003
$3.50 in nigger language
hey foo, ize aint gonna pay tray fiddy for a fotay(see fotay) and some fried chicken
by Chris Murphy September 04, 2003

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