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an animal that decides to dig it face through a litter box and or feces of another animal resulting in the litter digger eating the unmentionables
my dogs a "litter digger", i tried to explain where it comes from, but he don't care
by chris loshark May 06, 2008
When you see a girl from a distance, and you think shes hot..but when she gets closer you realize shes ugly
Ben: dude you see that girl over there..omg shes hot
--minute later (when shes closer)
Chris: what the hell were you thinking that girls a "Wang bone"
by chris loshark May 05, 2008
the act of blowing your load (jizz) while taking a shit
sometimes when constipated ben attempts a roasted nut to help pass the time
by Chris Loshark December 24, 2008
Dried up jizz
After a long night of partying at the frat house Debbie shirt was covered in crusty white angel
by Chris Loshark December 14, 2008

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