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Another word for wasted/s**t/gutted.
(after being punched in balls)
Dangard, dude
by Chris Lanyon December 08, 2003
Obliterating and frying all in one.
As used by Ringers
We must obllittrify the afghanistanians.
by Chris Lanyon October 09, 2003
Doodey is a phrase which is utterly stupid/conveys total ignorance/makes you sound really thick.
Thats a doodey jacket your wearing.
by Chris Lanyon October 02, 2003
A statement made by precident George W Bush that is either inconprehensible/defies all laws of grammer/is just plain stupid.
Space is still a high priority for NASA/
We must oblittrify the Afghanistanians (this has never been said by the president but it sounds like something he should say)
by Chris Lanyon October 02, 2003
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