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Death Metal is a form of music that mostly stays in the underground side of music with speed metal orgins, fast drumbeats, and a deep growl singing to it. Some death metal can be looked to as "crap" but so can most punk bands
The Death Metal band sacraficed the punk.
by Chris K June 24, 2003
Someone whose spasticity is astronomical.
"Paulo? Forget it. That guy's a total spackmonaut."
by Chris K December 18, 2004
a polite word used as an alternative to call someone a penis
'you penard'
by Chris K March 12, 2004
not quite a knob but a knobule
'mate you acted like a right knobule'
by Chris K March 12, 2004
something that will burn fast and well. Can be mixxed into something and thrown in the form of molitov cocktails or napalmn
The rocker thew flammable napalmn at the punk concert.
by Chris K June 24, 2003
the pee hole of your manhood
look how far the cum shoots from my chaps eye
by Chris K March 12, 2004
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