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9 definitions by Chris Jones

generally meaning female breasts, alot of people like to write this on calculators. Used for making others giggle like little girls.
"You have big (.)(.)" written on a calculator
by Chris Jones March 24, 2005

the action of having sex
hes going home to o the hibidy jibidy with his wife
by Chris Jones March 25, 2005
good question? where is it? You could reply:

1.Nope this is glasgow mate, its down the m5, junction 13 and on the left of the services station.

2.Dont see many armadillos around here

3.Dont you dare attempt to rip off a great song!

4.Just carry on singing along with them

5.Why is Marie waiting for you? You dont look like the kind of guy that she would date!
Every night ive been hugging my pillow, dreaming dreams of amarillo....
by Chris Jones March 24, 2005
an alterate word for bollocks
ah bullacs, i forgot to wear any trousers
by chris jones March 11, 2006

a word to express satisfaction or joy of something that the pope has done.
That mass was popelicious
by Chris Jones May 05, 2005
means slaphead, with slurp meaning slap. Created by a very stupid boy from hearing a KFC advert. ("it must be terrible being married to a slaphead") He was certain that they were saying slurphead, and since then everyone has taken the piss but it has now become part of our language
shut up or im gonna give you a slurp round the head!
by Chris Jones March 24, 2005
an alternative and politer version of swearing
ah...fridge magnet!
rob schneider is..... a fridge magnet! (rated pg13)
by Chris Jones May 23, 2007