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The fear of dying alone.
Not uncommon in mankind. Many will sacrifice anything because they partake in this fear.
Those who do not feel this fear are normally content.
"Allan succumbs to solimortephobia."
"What's that?"
"He fears dying alone."
by Chris Huff February 08, 2006
(n.) 1 a poser; someone who acts like someone they aren't to either attract attention or make themselves more secure. 2 a very stupid and foolish person, often used in reference to those younger than the accuser. (v.) 1 acting as a whike; possessing the traits and/or character of a whike. other uses: whiked, whiking
Have you met Taylor, the new guy?
Yes, I have. He keeps acting like he's someone else just to get Anna's attention. He is a whike for certain.
by Chris Huff September 18, 2005

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